Sunday | April 18,2021

Army to Salt Lake’s rescue


An Indian Army team from the Bihar Regiment is criss-crossing Salt Lake, slicing through fallen trees and clearing up roads since Saturday night.

Cyclone Amphan uprooted at least 3,000 trees in Salt Lake and brought movement to a standstill by blocking roads, damaging vehicles and felling lamp posts. The roads in most parts of Salt Lake resembled a sanctuary of prostrate trees and there was no respite in sight as the teams from the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation struggled to clear the lanes.

“We are simply not equipped to handle the aftermath of a cyclone of this magnitude,” said an official of the civic body. “Our men mostly had axes, spades and traditional cutting tools and it was taking a too long to clear the large trees that had toppled over in Salt Lake.”

Devashis Jana, a mayoral council member of the corporation, said that around 3,000 trees had been uprooted. “This figure does not take into account trees with keeling or damaged branches. We have never faced such an extreme situation before,” said Jana.

Most roads in Salt Lake, including First Avenue and parts of Broadway that connects Salt Lake with EM Bypass, were left unmotorable after the storm and the corporation struggled to clear the tangle of uprooted trees and cables.

Several residents across Sector I, II and III were trapped indoors as either the entrance of their houses or their lanes had been blocked by trees.

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