Wednesday | January 27,2021

‘Jagadguru of Jhoot’


Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “the Jagadguru of Jhoot” for saying the economic package “is about 10 per cent of the GDP”.

Ramesh posted a chart showing the assessment of international and domestic banks and rating agencies, adding: “Can all be wrong and only our Prime Minister be right? No. He is the Jagadguru of Jhoot!”

The firms and figures cited by Ramesh were as follows: Morgan Stanley: 0.7%; Philip Capital: 0.8%; Nomura: 0.9%; Edelweiss: 0.9%; Jeffries: 1%; HSBC: 1%; Kotak: 1%; Citibank: 1%; Bank of America: 1.1%; Deutsche Bank: 1.1%: Motilal Oswal: 1.2%; UBS: 1.2%; CARE: 1.3%.

The “average fiscal estimate by bankers and rating agencies of India’s Rs 20-lakh-crore stimulus package (10% of GDP) is only 1%”, Ramesh added.


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