Monday | April 19,2021

Why Virat Kohli is a fitness maniac

Vijay Jain

India captain Virat Kohli on Sunday credited former India strength and conditioning coach Shankar Basu for his transformation into a supremely fit athlete and said he will continue to train like a “maniac” till the time he plays cricket.

Kohli was doing an Instagram live session with the country’s top footballer Sunil Chhetri.

Talking about his fitness and training, Kohli said: “It is everything for me, but I would not take credit for it… For me, the biggest factor for my career going in another template has to be Shankar Basu,” Kohli stated.

Elaborating, Kohli told the national football team captain: “He (Basu) was a trainer at RCB, he introduced me to lifting. I was a bit hesitant, I had some back issues. But within three weeks I was amazed at the results that followed.

“After that, he worked with me on my diet, I started paying attention to what was happening with my body, that’s when I realised that because of my genes, I have to work twice or thrice on my body. I am doing the basic thing which my career requires me to do.”

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